How to Customize A Cell Phone Case


How to Start your Design


Method 1: Select the Start button within the slideshow on the Home Page

Method 2:  Select the Create button on the top navigation bar.

Method 3: Select a Shop (displayed below the Slideshow).

Method 4: Select a Design Category or specific phone on the left navigation menu.


How to Select your Case


Method 1:  Select the phone you wish to design a case for in the left navigation menu

Method 2:  Within the Selection Pop-up screen; Click on the Brand of the phone you wish to design a case for.  Next, select the specific phone Model. Finally, select the style of case you wish to create your design on. 


Selection Screen



How to use the Create Tool

Create Screen


Upload Image:  To upload your own image, select the Upload Image button on the lower left side of the application.  Your computer’s directory will pop-up; navigate to the directory where your image(s) are located and select the image to Open.

You will be prompted to confirm that you have copyright to use the image.

The image will begin uploading.  Once the image is finished uploading, an image thumbnail will appear in the Image Tab on the left side of the application. 

To place the image on the case, left click and hold on the image and drag it onto the case in the middle of the screen. 


Ensure the picture fills the entire Box surrounding the case within the application.  This box represents the sides of the case where your design will wrap around.  Note: If your image is not large enough or is an odd size, you can use a Background to fill the Box.


Background Color:  To fill the case with a background color, use the color eye dropper to select a color on the color wheel on the left side of the tool.


Saturation Slider:  This controls the Saturation of Color of the color wheel.  To make the color more saturated/vibrancy, slide the Saturation slider to the right. To reduce the color saturation or to mute the colors, slide the Saturation slider  to the left.


Brightness Slider:  This controls the brightness of the colors within the Color Wheel.  To brighten the colors, slide the brightness slider to the right. To darken the colors, slide the brightness slider to the left. 


Textures:  To select a texture, click on the Texture Tab on the left side of the application next to the Image Tab and various textures will be displayed.  Use the scroll bar if needed to find a texture you would like to use, and drag and drop the texture by left clicking and holding the mouse button and placing it on the case in the middle of the application.  Note: Texture colours cannot be changed.


Depth:  This function is to control image layering if multiple images are being used. 


Bring to Front:  Select the Image that you wish to place on top by left clicking that image. Click the Bring to Front button.  The image that you selected will now be on top of the other images.


Send to Back:  Select the Image that you wish to place on the bottom by left clicking that image. Click the Send to Back button.  The image that you selected within the tool will now be behind all the other images.


Resizing, Moving and Rotating:  To resize an image, shape, text and/or texture, select it by left clicking on the desired object. Then move your mouse to the corner of the image and click and hold the left mouse button while you drag the mouse to re-size the image to your desired size.  To Move an image, shape, text or texture, select it and then click and hold the left mouse button while dragging it to the desired location. To rotate an image, shape, text or texture click and hold the circular arrow and rotate the image to where you want it.  You may also click on what you want to rotate and use the Rotate dial below the case. You may move it to any angle.


Text:  Select the Add Text button. Enter your text in the box in the right side menu (directly below the button). You may select a different font, color, and/or size by highlighting your text and selecting the desired styles/effects.  You may then move, resize and/ or rotate your text box within your design in the same way as an image (as described above).


Inner Image Opacity Meter:  This feature allows you to adjust the transparency of an image/text/texture.  Select the Image/Text/Texture you wish to adjust by left clicking on it to make it active, and then move the slider to adjust the desired transparency level.  This is a useful feature if you are using multiple images and you wish to blend those images together, or make one image more dominant. 


Change Device:  If you change your mind about the case style you selected you may change it while you are creating your case design and you will not lose any information.  Simply select Change Device, select your new case, and continue creating!


Reset:  This function resets/deletes the entire design.  If you are happy with your design, this is not the button for you!

Please note that this is a PERMANENT Reset, and unsaved designs cannot be recovered at this point


Zoom Case:  Use this function to see your case design up close.  Simply use the scroll bar to zoom in and out to view smaller details.


Colorize:  Use this feature if you want to change anything on your case from Color, Black and White or Sepia.  Select what you wish to change with your mouse and then choose one of the options.  You can even colorize each image/element in your design with a different effect.

Preview:  The Preview feature at the bottom right hand side panel allows you to view how your finished case will look, showing you the front and sides of the case.  To exit the preview simply select Close and you will return to the Create Tool.

Change Case: This Function is located on the bottom right and allows you to change the case style selected without affecting your design-in-progress.

Show Edges: This option is an on/off feature.  It will display the edges of the case when selected to on, to help you make sure that your design will cover the entire image area.  Please note that the sides of the case are also important, since the design you create will wrap around the sides your case.

Delete:  This function allows you to delete an element that is currently selected.  Simply left-click to select what you want to delete, then press the delete button.

Save Design/Check Out:   The final step is to Save your design and/or simply go straight to the Check Out in your Shopping Cart.  Add a Title (name) to your case and click the Ok button.  The next screen will ask you to either SIGNUP,LOGIN or simply ADD TO CART


If you are not a registered user and select the Signup option, will ask you some basic information in order to set up an account for you on our system. We will activate your account through E-mail verification before you can Login and Checkout.  We will then save your case in your new Saved Case Design section within your account.  You may save as many case designs as you like; you made re-edit your existing designs and continue to play around with your design until you are ready  to purchase it. 

If you already have an account you may LOGIN and we will save your created design until you decide to purchase it. 

The ADD TO CART option allows you to purchase the case you created as a guest on our system, without creating an account. However, your design will not be saved for future use.