What is an Infused Case?

  • An Infused Case is a customizable case product that allows you the freedom to express yourself with your own personal design.  Our Flex Tool allows you to customize your case with anything your heart desires.  Our custom tool allows you to add multiple pictures, text, shapes, colours and textures.  We will help you make your case truly unique.


Is this a sticker?

  • No, this is an image that is infused directly into your case.  We use a 3d printing technique that embeds the inks into the plastic of the case.


What cases do you support?

  • The number of products we carry is constantly being updated; please review the Home Page to view Design by Phone section to see all available products.


Will you support my case in the future?

  • We are always reviewing the products we carry and the demand for new products.  If you have a specific case; please email us your suggestions at customercare@infuseyourcase.com .


How do I send Feedback or Comments?


My question was not here.  What should I do? 


Account/Using the website


How do I Sign up for an Account?

  • Simply use the Sign Up option at the top of the screen and then enter in your specific information.


How do I update Account Information?

  • Once you create an account and log in you will have My Account function available at the top of the screen, simply click on this and you will have all your information available.


What is the advantage of signing up an account?

  • The advantage of signing up an account is that you are able to create custom designs and save them within our site.  You can continue to edit them or re-order them at a later date.  You will be able to keep track of previous orders.  You will also be kept up-to-date on new and exciting products and promotions.  Having an account definitely has its advantages!


Do I need an account to order a case? 

  • You can use our Create Tool and order a case by simply being a Guest to our site.


Create a Case


How do I start my design?

  • From the home screen simply click on START YOUR DESIGN NOW to create you own custom case or view existing designs by category and select CREATE DESIGN CASE.  View our Video Tutorial! 


How do I upload an image and apply it on a case?

  • From the Create Tool, select button Upload Image and then drag the uploaded image onto you case


What image format is compatible with the design application?

  • We accept .jpeg; .png and .gif file formats.


What are the dimension requirements and file Size limitations?

  • Minimum size requirement is 1500 x 1500.


How do I add custom text to the design?

  • Within the Create Tool select Add Text and then enter your text.  You can change the font, color, size and you can even rotate, drag or move your text to exactly where you want it to appear.  Infused provides you with a multitude of options for your text at not extra cost to you.  You can even add multiple texts by using the "Add Text" button.


Can I add multiple pictures to my case? 

  • The Create Tool allows you to upload as many images as you would like and utilize all those images if you choose in your design.  At Infused we are trying to make your customized product as unique as possible without adding any additional costs to you.   


 Your prices are so low how do you do it? 

  • We have spent over a year working on our unique processes to bring you a very reasonably priced case.  From start to finish we continue to spend thousands on R&D to keep our prices as low as possible-for the same reasons-customers at times think that pricing is too good to be true-this is one of our missions to bring to our users affordable prices.


What content is and is not acceptable?

  • The content can not be pornographic in nature, and/or it can not contain un-authorized images that are not legally owned by the user or used without permission from the copyright owner.  Any images with clearly identifable trademarks or logos (products or teams) will be rejected unless from the copyright holder.  Infused reserves the right to reject any image.





How do I become a seller?

  • Simply select Become a Seller tab on the top of the main and enter your specific information


How do commission rates work?

  • We provide you a base commission of 10% on every case you sell, so if a case on the site is selling for $30.00, the seller of a design will receive $3.00 per case sold.  The seller may also adjust their per design rate by adding on a dollar amount per case to their already existing commission rate of 10%.  So if the seller has selected to increase the per product price in their commission settings by $1.  The final price of a $30.00 case would be $31.00.  They would receive $4 based on the 10% of the $30.00 = 3.00 plus the additional $1.00 = $4.00 to the seller.


What are advanced commission rates?

  • These are commission rate adjustments that can be made on a per case basis.  If for any reason, the seller wants to make additional or less commission for one particular case, they are able to modify the amount on a per case basis using this method. 


How do I get paid?

  • You may select to get paid via PayPal or by check which will be mailed to you.


How to keep track of what products were sold?

  • Within your Seller Admin Panel there is the Seller Dashboard and/or Commission Management option to view the products that you have sold.


How do I upload a design to sell?

  • Within your Seller Admin Panel you have the Design Management option where you can add a new design or edit an existing one.


How do I sell my design only for specific products?

  • To see your design for only specific products you may select them when creating your design.


When are commissions paid?

  • Commissions are paid every 3 months and there must be a minimum of 5 sales before any commissions are paid.


Do I maintain legal rights on my uploaded designs?

  • Yes you do


What designs are not suitable for marketplace?

  • Designs that are offensive or pornographic in nature are not suitable for our marketplace.  We reserve the right to disable any designs that do not comply.


Do you work with charitable organizations?

Ordering & Shipping


What payment options are available?

  • We accept PayPal, Visa, and/or MasterCard.


Is my order secure?

  • We have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and we process your credit card through Beanstream which is a secure credit card processing web site.  We do not store any credit card information on our site.


What shipping methods are available?

  • You may use UPS or Canada Post/USPS.


Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes we do.


Can I cancel my order?

  • No, once an order is placed we will start to create your unique case creation.


Do I have to pay Canadian Sales Tax on my orders?

  • If you are shipping your product within Canada you have to pay applicable taxes for your area. Customers outside of Canada will not pay taxes on our site but may have to pay their local taxes for the product after it crosses the border. 


How long will order processing and shipping take?

  • We will start to process your case as soon as you place your order.  Processing normally takes 1 -2 days and shipping will depend on your chosen shipping method.


How do I use coupons with my order?

  • If you have a Promo Code you may use it on the order screen.


Will I get an Order Confirmation email?

  • Yes you will



Returns & Refunds


What is your return policy?

  • If you receive a defective case -please send as an email at returns@infuseyourcase.com .  We will gladly accept any returns based on manufacturers defect.  Unfortunately since it is a custom product we can't accept a return based on a request for a different style of case or another image required.  You have 30 days to return your case.  After receiving a Return Ticket Number from Infused Ink Inc. please send the case in a postage paid envelope to the address given with the ticket number.

Please do not send a case to Infused Ink Inc. without contacting us for a Return Ticket Number and appropriate return address.

Infused Ink Inc. will not accept returns beyond 30 days of your order receipt.

Each case ordered from Infused is printed on-demand and especially for you. For this reason we cannot accept returns for the following reasons:

-You want a different image on your case
-You have decided you want a different type of case

  • Returns may only be exchanged for replacements of the exact same case with the exact same image.




Do you share any information?

  • Your privacy is important to us and so we do not share any of your personal information.