Becoming a Seller


How to Sign-Up as a Seller

Option 1:

User Sign-up Page Check off the “Do you wish to sign up as a seller?”  box at the very  bottom of the Sign-up page. Additional information fields will then appear on the sign-up page which you are required to fill out. 

Company: The name of your company or the name you wish your store to be called

Preferred Payment Method:  The Method of Payment you prefer.  If you choose cheque, a cheque for your earned commission will be sent to you every 3 months.  If you choose PayPal, your commission will be sent via PayPal every 3 months to the email provided.

Telephone:  The number where we can reach you or your company for any possible inquires.

 Seller Sign-Up


Option 2:

“Become a Seller” Navigation Bar Button:  This option is for users who have already have signed up for an account but initially did not select to become a seller.  If you select this option, you will be asked to sign in to your account first and will then need to enter in the information as explained above for Option 1:  Company, Preferred Payment Method and Telephone number.


 Become a Seller

After Seller Application Submission

After you have signed up to become a seller, an e-mail will be sent to you stating that we have received your application.  We will look over the account information you have provided and we will approve your account shortly. 

Once approved, a second e-mail will be sent to your account stating that you are now a seller. Once you receive this email, please make sure to log out of the site, to allow your new seller settings to take effect when you log back in.

Now you can enter into your User Dashboard by clicking on the “My Account” button at the very top of the site page.

A new sidebar administration panel should appear in your account dashboard.

Seller Panel

Seller Dashboard

Seller Dashboard:  This tab will display the latest information in your account, including recent orders and recent sales/commissions of your designs.


Seller Information

Company: The name of your company or the name you want your store to be called

Preferred Payment Method:  The Method of Payment you prefer.  If you choose cheque, a cheque for your earned commission will be sent to you every 3 months.  If you choose PayPal, your commission will be sent via PayPal every 3 months to the  email provided.

Telephone:  The number where we can reach  you or your company for any possible inquires.


Design Management:  This is where you, the seller, will be uploading your images so that customers can view and select them.   See Uploading your Design below for more detailed information.


Commission Management:  Sales history of your art will be provided here.


Shop: This is where your store page can be set up/modified.  See Setting up your Store-Front for detailed information.


Uploading Your Design

Navigate to My Account – Seller Admin Panel – Design Management

Step 1: Upload Design

Select the Add New Design Button         Add Design      

Select “Choose File”.  Navigate using your computer’s directory system to locate your image file.

Once selected, click Open.

The image file name will now appear in place of “No file chosen”.

Click the Upload button.

 Seller Upload

Note: To maximize your sales potential, ensure that your images are large enough to cover the case area of the majority of the phone cases.  1500px Height x 1500px Width should cover most cases completely.  

Set Thumbnail: A pop-up screen will appear with the uploaded image in it.  Set the Thumbnail that will appear in our image catalog.  This will be the first impression customers will have of your artwork image, so make sure the thumbnail captures the essence of the image.

 Seller Set Thumbnail


Step 2: Set Phones

This screen allows you to select which phone models you would like your design to apply to.

Select All if you wish to make the image available for all current case models.

Note: If your image does not meet the dimension size requirements of a case, you will be unable to select the option box for that specific model. 

Apply to future models:  Ensure you have this option box selected if you want your image to be applied to future products which are an appropriate size for the image.


Step 3:  Set Information and Commission Rate 

This screen is where you can modify the default commission rate and enter in the design name and description for your image.

Design Name:  The title of your artwork

Description: Describe the image. This may include your inspiration for the piece, or specific elements in the image.

Design Category: Select which category best suits the image.  This is where the image will be displayed if someone is searching by design category.  Eg: If it is a picture of an animal or a pet, it should be place under the Animal category.

Commission Method (Basic / Advanced):  This is where your commission rate may be modified.  By default, the commission rate is set for 10% of the pre-tax selling price for each case a customer buys using your image.

Example:  If 1 case at $24.99 was purchased using your artwork, a $2.50 commission will be earned.

Dollar-Added Per Case Method: If you would like to place a premium on your artwork and earn more commission for it, you are free to modify the image selling price to receive greater earnings per case sold.  For each dollar added to the price, it will increase the cost per case for the customer by an equal amount. However, you will receive that amount of increase as your extra commission.

Example:  If you added $1 per case.  A case originally priced at $24.99 will now sell for $25.99.  You will still receive 10% commission based on the default price of the case ($24.99) plus the extra dollar. 

So, $24.99x0.10= $2.50 plus the extra $1 added equals $3.50 commission earned.

Note: A very large premium on an image may discourage customers from choosing to purchase it!


Shop Setup

This is the tab where your storefront can be edited and updated. 

Shop name:  The name of your company and or title of storefront

Shop Url: The desired folder suffix where your site will be found.  Ex:  If you enter in “yoursitenamehere in the textbox you site will link to Https://

Shop Description:  A description of your shop. 

Shop Setup

Logo:  A logo or avatar for your storefront.  This will be placed on the upper left side of the page

Header:  This a banner type header place at the top of the page.  The required dimensions are 945x80

Contact Info:  Additional contact information.